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Karmily Group is a second-generation diamond wholesale company based in New York. Our inventory consists of thousands of GIA certified and non-certified diamonds. They range from .50ct to 10+ carats in all shapes, D-L color and FL-I1 clarity. We also carry an extensive selection of matched pairs and suites in all shapes and sizes. We pride ourselves in our excellent makes and impeccably cut diamonds with ideal proportions. With the constant arrival of imported shipments and deliveries from our cutting factories, our inventory turnover is very rapid. As a competitive dealer in the always dynamic New York diamond market, we adopt a “low-markup, high-volume” philosophy. Working on smaller margins has allowed our business to grow exponentially, as evidenced by our range from domestic to international sales in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are committed to supplying our customers in a timely and courteous manner. Feel free to call our offices at +1 (212) 354-1828 or email us at [email protected] and experience the trademark service that has accompanied our name for many years.

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